Sell more furniture with by Imagine Retailer! by Imagine Retailer makes it simple and fast to add an endless aisle of furniture, appliances and electronics to your Website from the top-brands in the industries! is a data feed that provides us with more than 1.9 million products from the leading furniture, appliance and electronics brands. These catalogs are 100% complete and always up-to-date so you don't show any discontinued products on your Website. Click here to view a complete list of brands available to your Website.

Once you sign up for a package, adding products to your Website couldn't be easier!

First, decide what package best fits your needs:

  • Package 1: $499 a month (one-time setup fee: $599)
  • Package 2: $699 a month (one-time setup fee: $599)

After you pick a package, simply add your products to your Website! We make it extremely easy to add a entire brand to your Website with one click of your mouse directly in your dashboard. And, as always, your dedicated Online Specialist is on hand to help answer your questions.

Sell more furniture with by Imagine Retailer!